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SLS Design of RC Beam with Tee Section
According to Eurocode: EN 1992-1-1

Static scheme

deflection-cantilever-force.png deflection-cantilever-uniform.png deflection-beam-force.png deflection-beam-uniform.png

Beam length - L = m

Exposure class:

Bending moments

Characteristic combination (g + q) - Mk = kNm

Quasi-permanent combination (g + ψ2q) - Mqp = kNm


Cross section dimensions

Stem: b = mm, h = mm

Flange: bf = mm, hf = mm

Concrete cover - c = mm (to bars surface)

Tension reinforcement

Bar count - n1 = with diameter - Φ1 = mm

Concrete cover to the center of reinforcement - d1 = mm

Spacing between bar centers - s = mm

Compression reinforcement

Bar count - n2 = with diameter - Φ2 = mm

Concrete cover to the center of reinforcement - d2 = mm

Material properties

Concrete [EN 1992-1-1, Table 3.1]

Characteristic compressive cylinder strength - fck = MPa


Characteristic yield strength - fyk = MPa

Concrete creep and shrinkage

[EN 1992-1-1 B.1(1)]


Relative humidity of the environment - RH = %