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Column Design for Biaxial Bending and Axial Force
According to Eurocode: EN 1992-1-1


Cross section dimensions

Width - b = mm, Height - h = mm


Left - As1 = mm², Right - As2 = mm²

Concrete cover to the center of reinforcement

Left - d1 = mm, Right - d2 = mm

Section design loads

Axial force - NEd = kN (positive for compression)

Bending moment - MEd = kN·m

Material properties

[EN 1992-1-1, Table 3.1]


Characteristic compressive cylinder strength - fck = MPa

Partial safety factor for concrete - γc = 1.5 , αcc =


Characteristic yield strength - fyk = MPa

Imperfections and second order effects

Ratio of quasi-permanent bending moment: M0Eqp/M0Ed = KG =

Long term creep factor - φ(∞,t0) = φ =

Column height - L = mm

Effective column height - Lo = ·L mm

Geometric imperfections and accidental eccentricity

Number of vertical members contributing to the total effect - m =


Biaxial bending design

For the other direction:

Design moment - MEdy = kN·m

Bending resistance - MRdy = kN·m

Effective length - Loy = ·L mm