Working with files

Input data in Calcpad can be saved in files and used multiple times. The supported file formats are "*.txt", "*.cpd" and "*.cpdz". Input forms have to be saved to "*.cpd" and "*.cpdz" files and text scripts to "*.txt" files. Both "*.cpd" and "*.cpdz" file types are associated with Calcpad and cane be opened automatically with double click. The main difference between them is that ""*.cpd"" is a text file and can be edited while "*".cpdz"" is binary and can be only executed. Its code is not accessible for viewing, coping and modification.


You can start a new file by clicking the New button. This resets the file name and all input data. If the current file is not saved, you will be prompted to save it.


If you answer "Yes", the "File Save" dialog will appear. Select a file name and click "Save". Thus, you will save your data before being cleared. If you select "Cancel" you will interrupt the command and everything will remain unchanged.


You can open an existing file with the Open button. A file selection dialog is displayed. By default, the "*.cpd" file extension is active. If you search for "*.txt" or "*.cpdz" files, select the corresponding type at the bottom of the dialog. Then find the required file and press "Open" or double click on the file. It will be loaded into Calcpad and the file name will be displayed in the title bar.


You can save the current file by clicking the Save button. A file selection dialog is displayed. Select file path and name and click "Save"