Calculator: Programmable





How it works

This is a programmable calculator. You can enter the whole solution, by writing the required formulas, consequently. Each formula must be on a separate line or divided from others by 'comments'. You can use real and complex numbers, standard operators, variables, functions, graphing and numerical methods. Use the assignment "=" operator to define variables and functions. Their names can include latin and greek letters, digits and underscore "_". You can also attach physical units to all values. To calculate the results, click .

You can find complete information about all the available features in the User Manual.


"Quadratic equation:
a = 3 ', ' b = 4 ', ' c = -5
f(x) = a*x^2 + b*x + c '= 0
'Discriminant - ' D = b^2 - 4*a*c
x_1 = (-b - sqr(D))/(2*a)
x_2 = (-b + sqr(D))/(2*a)
$Plot{f(x) @ x = -3 : 2}

To try this example, copy the above text into the 'Script' box and click .