√Calcpad 2

Engineering Calculations for Cloud and Desktop


Online Library

Over 100 programs for geometrical properties, structural analysis and design to Eurocode. Find your program, enter input data, calculate and print.



Online Calculator

Advanced programmable engineering calculator. Real and complex numbers, custom variables and functions, graphing and numerical methods.



Desktop Version

Download Calcpad and create your own programs. Just enter formulas and 'comments' and you will get a professional Html report. It is free!


Why Calcpad?

Simple and easy to use

It has a very short learning curve. No special programming skills are required. Just enter your formulas and comments in 'quotes' and start the calculations.

Html reporting and input forms

The output is automatically formatted to a professional Html report, ready to be printed. All formulas and values are included and can be thoroughly checked. You can also generate input forms straight from your source code. Just put question marks ? wherever you want to enter values.

Advanced calculation features

Calcpad supports real and complex numbers, units of measurement, variables, built-in and custom functions, graphing, numerical methods, sums, products and iterations. You can split the program flow using conditions and cycles, control the output visibility and protect your source code.


You can learn more about Calcpad from our User Manual.
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